SSE Report for Greece

This report presents the findings of a study conducted to provide an overview of the situation in the field of Social and Solidarity economy in Greece (SSE) and to investigate the obstacles and opportunities for the development of an effective ecosystem for the support of SSE.

The study was conducted in 2017


Legislation SSE- Social Cooperative enterprise- Workers Cooperative

The current law on the Social and Solidarity economy in our country is the 4430/2016. The purpose of this law is to create the legal framework for the Social and Solidarity economy, as a form of alternative organization of economic activities.

For this reason, Article 2 contains certain definitions that will be useful to someone who is taking the first steps in the field of Social and Solidarity economy. We suggest you to do a quick read and we are at your disposal to solve all the questions you may come up with.

[pdf]https://sse-chania.gr/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/4430_2016.pdf[/pdf] Greek version