Who we are

Identity of Action

The Center for the support of SSE in the Prefecture of Chania operates in the context of the implementation of the NSRF program “Operational Program: Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning”.

The purpose of the action is to support the development of Social and Solidarity economy (SSE).

The Center for the support of SSE operates as an “information point” for the Social and Solidarity economy, as a structure for counseling support for social entrepreneurs and prospective social entrepreneurs and as a support structure for the creation and development of other SSE ventures.

The following services are provided free of charge at the Center for the support of SSE :

  • Publicity and provision of general information to the public as well as to businesses who are interested in being informed about the issues of SSE (A ‘Bundle of Actions)
  • Support and counseling to existing SSE ventures and / or to group of people who are interested in the establishment of SSE ventures. (B’ Bundle of Actions)

Implementing body of the project

The implementing body of the project is the Social cooperative Terra Verde based in Chania. Terra Verde is active at the field of solidarity and fair trade. Producers, processors, solidarity supporters and employees are involved in the collective. The structure is horizontal and decisions are made through open, direct-democratic processes.


Staff of the Center for the Support of SSE

The staff of the Center for the Support of SSE of Chania are higher education graduates with professional experience in individual and professional counseling and business counseling.

Chrysostomos was born in Athens but decided to move to Chania in 2015 for decentralization reasons. He is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Patras. He has completed the postgraduate course of M.A.I.H. on “Geoinformatics in Environmental Management” and he is currently attending the postgraduate course “Social and Solidarity Economy” of Hellenic Open University. He has been active in the field of SSE for more than a decade as an activist but also as a researcher, e.g. he was member of the research team for the project “Mapping of the ecosystem and the needs of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Greece)”.

Stella was born in Chania, Crete, where she lives. She is a graduate of the Department of Biology of Athens with a master’s degree in Basic and Applied Cognitive Science. She is interested in raising public awareness around various scientific fields and disseminating knowledge. She has been professionally involved in non-formal children’s education. Recently, she start dealing with the field of SSE as she finds that the principles of SSE are compatible with her perspective of life. She is constantly being trained through seminars and personal involvement.